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New Moon, Bizarre Tech Struggles, EMF hacking, and More!

In this solosode episode, we share some bizarre things that have happened to the both of us in the past few weeks. From liver issues to broken laptops in Hawaii, we get into all of the details of our personal struggles and experiments on ourselves as they relate to...

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In this episode, we sit down with David Milburn from HypoAir to talk about air quality in our home environment. We dive into the dangers of mold toxicity, how to clean up your air at home, and take a look at some cutting-edge technologies that can assist with this!...

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What's Missing in the Biohacking World? Take a trip with us into the ethereal space as we explore some of the biggest factors missing in the biohacking space these days. From plant medicine to spirit hacking, this episode covers it all -- with a special focus on what...

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