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Our Top Picks for Biohacking and Skincare Products in 2022!

In Part 1 of this solo episode, we talk all about the latest health gadgets and new skincare routines we're most excited for in 2022! Topics include: New smart rings Skincare supplements Hot/cold therapy At-home peels and derma rolling New epigenetic/biological age...

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Mushroom Mania with Malama Mushroom

In this episode, we sit down with Benjamin Lillibridge (Founder/Funguy of Hawaii-based superfood company Mālama Mushrooms). We get a little nerdy...and a little we discuss all-things mushrooms as it relates to skincare, longevity and optimized health! TOPICS...

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Biostacking Red Light Therapy with Joovv (feat. Wes Pfiffner)

In this episode, we sit down with Wes Pfiffner of Joovv to discuss one of the biggest trends in biohacking: red light therapy. TOPICS DISCUSSED: Joovv v. the competition Red Light Therapy and Vitamin D Skincare hacks with red light Near Infrared v. Far Infrared v. Mid...

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