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Mushroom Mania with Malama Mushroom

In this episode, we sit down with Benjamin Lillibridge (Founder/Funguy of Hawaii-based superfood company Mālama Mushrooms). We get a little nerdy...and a little we discuss all-things mushrooms as it relates to skincare, longevity and optimized health! TOPICS...

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Biostacking Red Light Therapy with Joovv (feat. Wes Pfiffner)

In this episode, we sit down with Wes Pfiffner of Joovv to discuss one of the biggest trends in biohacking: red light therapy. TOPICS DISCUSSED: Joovv v. the competition Red Light Therapy and Vitamin D Skincare hacks with red light Near Infrared v. Far Infrared v. Mid...

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How to Crush Your Habits with Alex Nekritin (Ultiself App)

If you've ever struggled with making your habits stick, you're not alone. In this episode, we sit down with Alex Nekritin (founder of Ultiself: a habit-tracking app designed for biohackers) to discuss all the reasons people struggle with habits and how to make them...

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An Honest Conversation about Biohacking with Melanie Avalon

In this episode, we sit down with Melanie Avalon (podcaster, actress) to discuss all things biohacking and the important role women play in shaping the future of this industry. We discuss: Sleep tracking devices Intermittent fasting Grounding EMFs Red light therapy...

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A Different Way to Detox with Nicole Carlson from Sunlighten

In this episode, we sit down with Nicole Carlson from Sunlighten to discuss all things saunas, detox, and the power of infrared light. We cover: Dry vs Infrared Saunas Benefits of infrared light frequencies and spectrums LumiNIR device for face/body Tips for facial...

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How to Heal the Body and Recover Faster With Biohacking

In this solosode, Rachel and Katie talk about their recent injuries and the different biohacking tools they've used to heal up and recover faster. We discuss: Fasting protocols (autophagy) Cold therapy Hydration (structured water) Grounding Supplements (Collagen)...

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