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This is not your average love story…Mimi and Chase were high school sweethearts, married in their early 20s, and divorced before 30. While separated, they both endured their own unique health challenges and personal epiphanies, before ultimately reuniting again for Part II of their relationship.

In this episode, we sit down with both of them to discuss the secrets behind their passionate and sustainable partnership, including their joint ventures with mushrooms and The Medicin Podcast.


The Podcast
Their Story
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Mimi Lindquist is the co-host of The Medicin Podcast where she and her partner, Chase, (who is also her ex-husband) help others proactively create deep, healthy, passionate partnership supported by a healthy + conscious lifestyle. With her background as a clinical dental hygienist, culinary nutrition expert + AHCC educator, she has been helping others prevent disease for over 10 years now. Mimi has dedicated herself to helping others become empowered, active participants in proactively creating a life that they love – including physical health, mindset + conscious relationships.


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