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In this episode, we sit down with Benjamin Lillibridge (Founder/Funguy of Hawaii-based superfood company Mālama Mushrooms). We get a little nerdy…and a little wild…as we discuss all-things mushrooms as it relates to skincare, longevity and optimized health!


  • Health benefits of popular “superfood” mushrooms (Chaga, Reishi, Lion’s Mane)
  • Blending mushrooms with Raw Cacao and Honey for synergistic benefits
  • Mycelium v. Fruiting Bodies: What should consumers know about mushroom labels?
  • Tremella mushrooms in skincare
  • Foraging tips for beginners
  • Only 7% of the fungi have been discovered – what about the other 93%?
  • Future trends in the mushroom industry?
  • and much more!


ABOUT MALAMA: Mālama Mushrooms is a family-owned, superfood mushroom company based in Kona, Hawaii. Their mission is to share the health & wellness benefits of superfood mushrooms with the world.

Malama first fruited in 2015 as a small farm in Kona, Hawaii when Ben produced his first Hawaiian-grown mushrooms whilst living on a farm in a mango-tree house. He started by utilizing a underground lava-formed cave to cultivate the first mushrooms of the business and fast forward to today, he has wrangled in his family & friends to help his mushroom mission of creating & sharing fung-tional superfood mushroom products that integrate easily into your daily routine and to support your overall health & wellness.

Watch the interview here!

ABOUT BENJAMIN: Benjamin Lillibridge is the founder & funguy of Hawaii-based fung-tional superfood company, Mālama Mushrooms. Ben started off as an agriculturist & environmental scientist and then refocused his efforts on helping educate people on the benefits of medicinal mushrooms after studying mycology. He’s also the founder of the Hawaii Fungi Project — a non-profit that works to identify, sequence, map, & monitor some of the undocumented mushrooms that grow on the Hawaiian Islands.

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