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In this episode, we sit down with Wes Pfiffner of Joovv to discuss one of the biggest trends in biohacking: red light therapy.


  • Joovv v. the competition
  • Red Light Therapy and Vitamin D
  • Skincare hacks with red light
  • Near Infrared v. Far Infrared v. Mid Infrared
  • Using Joovv for performance and recovery
  • and more!

ABOUT JOOVV: Joovv’s mission is to make people stronger, more balanced, happier, and ultimately healthier through harnessing the power of light and innovation. They believe balance is the key to achieving health and wellness. Just like diet and exercise, light is a crucial ingredient for human health. They are committed to educating, researching, innovating, and engineering the safest, most effective light therapy devices in the world.

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ABOUT WES: Wes Pfiffner is a member of Joovv’s leadership team, and leads all their marketing efforts. Wes has a background in marketing and is a complete nerd when it comes to all things health and fitness related.

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