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What makes a brilliant female marketer? How do you stand out from the crowd? Is being a woman an advantage or a disadvantage in marketing? Find out in this episode with the brilliant self-made entrepreneur, Stefi Lane.

What this episode covers:

  • How To Be Brilliant Feminine Marketer And Stand Out!
  • Dance Embodiment is the New Yoga/Meditation
  • Attracting Through Beauty
  • Being Multi-Passionate and not putting yourself in a box


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As a mentor, entrepreneur, wife, healer, world traveler, and marketing nerd, Stef’s expertise have woven between various fields, quantum growths, as well as teachable setbacks.

But it was the path of online business & marketing that kept inviting her back in and uncovered that an abundant business is a catalyst for an abundant life. It was also the path of business that showed her that true leadership is both soft and wild.

She’s since devoted herself to not only creating successful business owners but magnetic leaders, for it’s the leaders that pave the way for themselves, and everyone around them, to expand into prosperity, pleasure, love and awaken their power.

Having served over 300+ women with personal transformations, relationships, and business growth, she’s had the privilege of witnessing women entrepreneurs ravish in extraordinary opportunities.

The truth is, when you remember your own magnetism, it all becomes a playing field for your highest pleasure and success. Her mission is to show you how.

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