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In this episode, we sit down with Nicole Carlson from Sunlighten to discuss all things saunas, detox, and the power of infrared light.

We cover:

  • Dry vs Infrared Saunas
  • Benefits of infrared light frequencies and spectrums
  • LumiNIR device for face/body
  • Tips for facial rejuvenation using LumiNIR device
  • Biostacking Infrared Sauna sessions
  • Sunlighten’s Clean Manufacturing Practices

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About Sunlighten:

Sunlighten was founded as a result of a personal healing experience with infrared therapy. For more than a decade, founder Jason Lincoln Jeffers suffered from chronic illness and relied on traditional medicine to manage his condition. It was only when he discovered infrared saunas that he truly began to heal. Jason founded Sunlight Saunas (now Sunlighten) in 1999 to make more people aware of the remarkable healing power of infrared that he personally experienced. Today the company continues to innovate even greater technologies with the goal of bringing products that empower wellness into homes and businesses around the world.

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DISCLAIMER: Information in this podcast and interview is not to be taken as medical advice, and always consult with your Physician before making any lifestyle changes. The material shared by guests in this podcast is not the opinion of Rachel Varga or Katie Moore, and disclaims any responsibility of inaccurate credentials of guests or information used that may cause harm. Always consult with your licensed Physician before any lifestyle modifications.

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