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In this episode we sit down with Dr. Marisol Teijeiro, Naturopathic Doctor & Founder of Queen of the Thrones. In case you haven’t heard, castor oil packs have gotten a huge upgrade since your grandmother’s day. Dr. Marisol has created a line of castor oil packs for your body, hair and nails that are eco-friendly, reusable and virtually mess-less. And in this episode, we talk all about some of the holistic healing benefits Dr. Marisol and her clients have experienced from using castor oil in their routines, including gut health, hair growth, and overall changes in mood and energy levels. We get nerdy at times (and a little bit woo-woo)…but this episode is a ton of fun and jam packed with information.

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Dr. Marisol Teijeiro, Naturopathic Doctor & Queen of the Thrones® is an award-winning author and Medical Mystic who’s renowned for helping change people’s lives by connecting them to the signs and messages that are all around them, but most importantly those coming from their bodies. She helps people all over the world learn how to illuminate their purpose and passion in life by understanding their body language through experience-based health & happiness practices. She’s recently been featured on various TV programs including nationally syndicated shows (Bloom & Daytime) as well as The Marilyn Denis Show in Canada. It’s her life’s mission to help people unfold and understand their inner journey towards full expression of self by connecting the body, mind, and souls for infinite health.


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