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Cultivating a Sustainable Meditation Practice with Landra Eliopoulos, Mindful HR

Meditation doesn’t always come easy for everyone. It takes patience, persistence and practice. In this episode we sit down with meditation teacher and leadership coach, Landra Eliopoulos of Mindful HR, who has put in the time and energy to cultivate a lifelong and sustainable meditation practice. She has devoted her career to helping others manage stress through meditation and even brings mindfulness practices into the corporate setting through her company Mindful HR. We get into all of the details around the health benefits of meditation along with the the everyday struggle of just showing up to practice. Stick around to the end for a 5-min guided meditation with Landra, just for B&B listeners!

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Landra Bickley Eliopoulos is a UCLA-trained mindfulness facilitator, people & leadership consultant. She is passionate about developing people through mindfulness practices, helping them learn to manage stress in a skillful way, adopt a growth mindset, build emotional intelligence, and cultivate resilience. Landra blends 20+ years of leadership experience from top companies like Target, Lululemon Athletica, and One Medical with 15+ years of direct experience with embodiment practices like yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and somatic experiencing. She is the founder of Mindful HR where she leads mindfulness programs, leadership coaching, and people development.


The mission of Mindful HR is to influence and develop leaders at the intersection of HR & Mindfulness. As an HR consultant, Landra works with teams as a partner, a guide and a coach to educate and empower leadership, HR teams, people managers, and companies to achieve success.

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Learn how to cultivate a sustainable and meaningful meditation practice from an expert who has transformed her passion into a career devoted to mindfulness in the workplace.

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