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In this episode we dive deep into everything skin and biohacking, including red light therapy, coffee enemas, cold plunges, and more.

Joining us for this episode is Brittany Ford (@BiohackingBrittany). She is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist based in Vancouver, with a focus on supporting gut and skin health through nutrition and biohacking. She’s was recently named one of the Top 27 Holistic Nutritionists to follow and has her own amazing podcast called Biohacking with Brittany, which you should definitely check out after you listen to this one!

Learn More about Brittany Ford:



DISCLAIMER: Information in this podcast and interview is not to be taken as medical advice, and always consult with your Physician before making any lifestyle changes. The material shared by guests in this podcast is not the opinion of Rachel Varga or Katie Moore, and disclaims any responsibility of inaccurate credentials of guests or information used that may cause harm. Always consult with your licensed Physician before any lifestyle modifications.

Beauty and the Biohacker