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In this episode, we sit down with Ciara Mumford of Living Water Wellness, to discuss all things detoxification. From colonics to infrared saunas, we cover the gamut when it comes to natural cleansing protocols.

Watch the interview here!


Ciara Mumford is a Third Generation Cleansing, specialist who comes from a very long line of innovators, authors, & teachers in the health and wellness community. And with over 18 years in her field she has an extensive knowledge and huge heart for Holistic Health and Wellness.

Ciara owns Living Water Wellness, Southern California’s largest and oldest cleansing center located in San Diego. She is a certified Colon Hydrotherapist, LymphaticTherapist, Wellness Educator, holistic health advocate, Spiritual + Medical Intuitive, as well as Granddaughter of the author of the first book ever written on Internal Cleansing. Ciara is partnered with the #1 School Internationally for Internal Cleansing, helping to train tomorrow’s industry leaders and her cleansing programs have reached over 30 thousand clients internationally.




DISCLAIMER: Information in this podcast and interview is not to be taken as medical advice, and always consult with your Physician before making any lifestyle changes. The material shared by guests in this podcast is not the opinion of Rachel Varga or Katie Moore, and disclaims any responsibility of inaccurate credentials of guests or information used that may cause harm. Always consult with your licensed Physician before any lifestyle modifications.

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