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The Power of Self-Transformation with Robert Richman, Cultural Strategist

In this episode, we sit down with Robert Richman (Cultural Strategist) to talk about everything from the placebo effect to hacking your subconscious and the power of self-transformation.

Watch the interview here!

Robert is an international public speaker, culture strategist, co-creator of Zappos Insights, and founder of the Xpill experience. He delivers keynotes and experiences to Fortune 500 clients across the globe and is the author of several best-sellers including Culture Blueprint and X: The Story of a Magic Pill.

Robert first took the concept of the “Xpill” to Burning Man in 2010 using red Tic Tacs. As a fan of the Matrix, he combined the concepts of the blue pill with the red pill to come up with the purple Xpill. The phenomenon struck a chord with people seeking self-transformation and from there, he began using it in his leadership coaching and even started an Xpill activation training course online.

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